For a qualified tree surgeon in Bundaberg you need Full Tree Service

Safe, reliable tree services

Don't risk your neck climbing and trimming your trees, and don't risk your property by attempting tree removal yourself. Contact an experienced, qualified tree surgeon in Bundaberg and get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Full Tree Service is a team of highly experienced tree surgeons and arborists who are just a phone call away for tree and stump maintenance and removal. 

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Fully insured

For your peace of mind, all of Full Tree Service's tree surgeons are fully insured. You can rely on Full Tree Service's experience and expertise with the knowledge that your property is completely safe and protected. Call us in Bundaberg today. 

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Safety first

Full Tree Service in Bundaberg's tree surgeons first priority is safety. We take every safely measure possible to guarantee a swift and hassle free resolution of your tree-related problem. From tree and stump removal to trimming and maintenance, let us take care of it safely.  

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Environmentally minded

We'll never advise that a sick tree be removed if there's any way of bringing it back to full health. Our tree surgeons are experts in diagnosing and treating tree diseases, so you won't lose your tree if at all avoidable. For advice regarding tree diseases, or for our professional tree and stump removal services, give one of our team a call in Bundaberg today.